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If they are indeed wise [the teacher] they do not bid you to enter the house of their wisdom, but rather lead you to the threshold of your own mind. – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

As a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, International Success Coach and Life and Mindset Coach, Rachelle (founder of Fusion Coaching) has created a winning formula that helps people in their business exceed their goals.

Going beyond simple strategies and mentoring techniques, Rachelle works with clients to create lasting change in their business. She helps clients to own their worth, find clarity, define direction and goals, upscale and also grow their business.

This leads to better results and greater success and growth than they are already achieving.

With a background of over 20+ years combined experience in Marketing and Coaching, you’ll find working with Rachelle a truly unique experience as you’ll uncover what is holding you back in your business but you’ll also get to apply branding and marketing strategies into your business preparing you for greater success!

If you are looking to scale your business to the next level, reach out to Fusion Coaching today.



Fusion Focus

Design the life you want by creating a business that works for you.




80% of success is based on psychology and only 20% is mechanics and strategy. Understand the mind, then you hold the key to your success.



Combine thoughtful strategy and systematic implementation to drive business improvement, profit growth and success.



Clarify your message so your customers will listen. Stand out from the rest and be the best!



Learn influential communication, understand the power of language to change and influence people AKA your clients – position yourself in the market!


Discover Your Awesomeness

To be truly successful and to live an exceptional life, we must be the master and creator of our life and live on purpose. Truly successful people are exceptional in their relational skills, they’re committed to a lifetime of growth, have a positive attitude and they excel in leadership, inspiring others to greatness.



Fusion Coaching goes to great lengths to understand your requirements and provides a quality service that ensures a successful outcome. You will be guided and taught the skills to develop and grow so that you can create a real lasting change in your life and business.
Fusion Coaching

One-On-One Coaching


Strategy Session

Intensive Workshop

Fusion Collective

Collective Mastermind Group

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“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar












Your Options

We understand your requirement and provide a quality service to you.
Fusion Coaching

One-On-One Coaching

9 Months

Live video coaching calls

Develop a successful mindset

Align personal and business goals

Dedicated strategy planning

Create a blueprint for growth

Business resources planning

Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Intensive Workshop

One-day private workshop

Targeted business strategy session

Clarify your business vision

Identify key business challenges

Develop an action plan for success

Personal follow up review

Fusion Collective

Collective Mastermind Group

12 months

Group Coaching

Collaborative environment

Professional peer support

Opportunities for networking

Quarterly workshops

Limited to 10 members



Don’t just take our word for it!

Rachelle is an amazing coach. She takes the time to fully understand what is truly going on, not just the surface issues. Fantastic use of her skills, she knows how to apply the right tools to get you to where you really should be. I have had several sessions with Rachelle and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as one of the best coaches around.


Aaron Spence

Aaron Spence Coaching


Why select us?

Work with Fusion Coaching to take your business to the next level. Benefits of working with us:


Personal Growth

Working with us you will find your worth, gain clarity and achieve laser focus. What is happening outside of the business will reflect in the business too. Master that – master your business!


Professional Growth

Identify your glass ceilings and breakthrough them to unlock bountiful opportunities. This will be reflected in your business bottom line.


Winning Formula

Fusion Coaching have created the winning formula that brings all round success on both personal and professional levels.



Building Your Brand

You will shift your approach to connecting with your customers, gain competitive advantage and create effective messaging across your business.


Attraction Marketing

Let your clients come to you! We’ll help you set your brand apart, clearly define your target markets wants and needs and serve them better than the competition.


Successful Outcome

Success starts from within! Fusion Coaching will guide your personal and professional growth through an incredible transformation.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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