What are the Three Keys to Success?

At times, we appear to be surrounded by people who are far more successful than we are. All-too-frequently, we are just as smart and attractive as they are, but we seem unable to move forward with the same ease. We tell ourselves that they are lucky. The truth is, luck has very little to do with success. What, then, are the keys to success?

  1. Success People Have Goals

Goals are a guide to where we want to be. They are a roadmap for life. Imagine driving from New York to California without a map. We would eventually get there, but the drive would be haphazard, and we would probably frequently get lost. That’s our life without goals. We feel lost.

When we don’t know where we are going, we struggle without a clear idea of where we want to end up. Successful people always have goals – both short-term and long-term. A short-term goal might be to complete a certain number of sales calls in a day. A long-term goal would be living in the house of our dreams in an ideal neighborhood. Each smaller, short-term goal takes us a step closer to fulfilling our long-term goals. Success happens one step at a time.

  1. Successful People Have a Positive Mindset

A mindset consists of the beliefs that guide and determine our actions. A positive attitude is a belief that anything is possible. We see ourselves in control. When we have a negative mindset, we believe that we have little or no control over our destiny.

Our mindset is extremely powerful. It can help us succeed or fail. Fortunately, we can change a negative mindset to a positive one throughout our actions. Like goal setting, we begin with smaller steps and gradually move outside of our comfort zone. We try new things. We take greater control over what we do. That leads to a shift in how we think and view success. Once we become convinced that anything is possible, we act to attract greater success into our lives. We begin to take control of our life instead of letting life control us. It is a fact that a less intelligent person but has a positive, determined mindset will be more successful than a smarter person with a negative mindset. It’s really very simple. Believe you will succeed, and you will succeed. That is the mindset of every successful person.

  1. Success People Make Themselves a Priority

How often have you said, or heard it said, “That’s just who I am.” This implies that we are unable to change and improve. People who want to be successful become the best version of themselves. They take control of who they are.

Successful people exercise to remain fit. They eat well to become and stay healthy. They grow mentally by reading or becoming involved in activities that expand their consciousness. They enjoy learning a new skill. What successful people don’t do is settle for mediocrity or remain “just who they are.”

Success is not something that happens to other people. It happens to us if we allow it. Our thinking will always determine our actions, and we will become successful if we create a mindset that inspires success.

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